Pepa Torres Llauradors de Somnis is a family and innovative company created in Alcasser (Valencia) who has opted for organic farming, convinced of the innumerable benefits it provides for health and the environment. We are currently cultivating very early varieties of pomegranates and any kind of green leafy vegetable on various farms in the Valencian towns of Picassent, Torrent, Alcasser and Silla.

Our objective is to contribute to sustainable economic development by cultivating organic farming products combining traditional methods with scientific advances, so that we can obtain sufficient profitability to maintain and expand the business, producing the highest quality food and respecting the environment.

To achieve this, we respect the natural cycles of crops and maintain soil fertility using natural products, always trying to preserve and improve the health of plants, animals and the biological balance between them in order to contribute to a high degree of biodiversity while preserving nature.

Our farms in Silla, Torrent and Picassent have an automatic irrigation system, but we also irrigate in the traditional way (blanket) in the Alcàsser plots.

We like to use anti-grass mesh to avoid the excessive appearance of adventitious plants in the ridging, but we are in favor of maintaining a vegetative cover in the rest of the furrow to favor the shelter of useful insects, to better maintain soil moisture and to prevent its erosion either by the direct action of the sun or by the impact of the rain, while also managing to increase the vegetal biodiversity of the farm as much as possible.

In short, with this project we are making an innovative company viable that intends to use energy and natural resources responsibly and contribute to the improvement of our natural environment, producing healthy foods of the highest quality. To this end, we are currently undertaking the process of conversion towards organic farming, which we hope to finally achieve by the end of this year.

Pepa Torres