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About us

Ecologicval is a company located in Valencia that is dedicated to the production of organic pomegranates and fruits and vegetables. Founded by Salvador López and his wife Pepa Torres, the company grows its products in l'Horta Sud and in the Ribera Baixa of Valencia. Its objective is to offer quality food that is respectful of the environment.

Salvador López, manager of Ecologicval, began growing oranges and kiwis on family land. Over time, they decided to invest in the production of extra-early pomegranates on almost 40 hectares. They also grow organic vegetables between the rows of pomegranate trees.

Salvador with its extra-early grandas

One of the distinctive characteristics of Ecologicval is its commitment to social inclusion. The company employs people with functional disabilities and also women victims of gender violence, as part of its objective of promoting the values ​​of the social economy.

Salvador López stands out for his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for free enterprise. Although he has no formal agricultural training, he has acquired knowledge throughout his life and has applied business management techniques in his agricultural work. Together with his wife, he has managed to combine the management of Walkerpack MPL SL , a logistics company that supplies Ford in Almusafes, with the production of organic pomegranates and vegetables at Ecologicval.

The decision to focus on organic production stemmed from their experiences in Germany and the UK, where they saw a growing interest in the environment and healthy eating. Despite the challenges and bureaucracy associated with organic farming, they decided to go for this approach and contribute to the development of the organic market in Spain.

With a focus on quality, respect for the environment and social inclusion, the company seeks to offer healthy products and contribute to the growth of the organic market.